Minister De Weever commends Ambulance department staff & stakeholders for a job well done

 Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor Hon. Cornelius de Weever extends words of congratulation and thanks to management and staff of the Ambulance Department for doing an exceptional job in medical safety during the Carnival Season.

The Ambulance Department is the responsible agency for providing medical assistance on the whole and specifically during the yearly premier large scale event like Carnival.
“Once again it has been demonstrated that proper coordination & teamwork with our two voluntary organizations WIEMS & Red Cross paid off to be able to guarantee continued timely, effective and efficient medical response and assistance during this period.
“As Minister of Public Health, I would also publicly like to thank these two voluntary organizations and the entire staff of the Ambulance Department on their professionalism and for a job well done,” Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Hon. Cornelius de Weever said on Friday.
“When every second counts it is important that during large scale events that we have medical teams at strategic locations as was demonstrated to administer emergency care in order for them to save our lives,” Minister De Weever added.

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