TelEm Group says: have a safe carnival – and drink lots of water

Caption:TelEm Group’s Marketing Officer, Marelva Felix-Jones, has organized a "water stop" team to keep carnival revelers well hydrated in the blazing heat of the Carnival Grand Parade, Tuesday.

TelEm Group is urging carnival revelers to have a safe and enjoyable Carnival 2013 and most of all – to drink plenty of water while winding along this year’s carnival Grand Parade route.

To ensure revelers and members of the public take the necessary water breaks, the company has once again teamed up with local supplier, Heavenly water, to provide free TelEm Group-sponsored water along the route.

"It’s very easy to become de-hydrated without realizing, so these water stops are very important to us to ensure people have an enjoyable, safe and fun carnival," said water stop coordinator, Marelva Felix-Jones.