Hotels, airlines, travellers, employees, car rentals, taxis should take note of extended bridge open

PHOTO CUTLINE: Causeway Swing Bridge.

Take note of extended bridge opening time next week and advise travellers and employees accordingly

St. Maarten Harbour Group of Companies (SMHG) Management is advising all stakeholders including hotels, airlines, travellers, employees, car rentals, taxis and others, to take note of the extended bridge opening that will take place in connection with the arrival and transit through the bridge by the vessel carrying the Causeway Swing Bridge.



Tentatively either Thursday, May 2 from 11.30am to 1.30pm or Friday, May 3 from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, the Simpson Bay Bridge is expected to be open up to approximately two (2) hours.

The exact date and time of the arrival of the cargo vessel Marietje Andrea carrying the swing bridge, cannot be ascertained at this point in time due to the possible influence of the weather as it makes its way through the North Atlantic Ocean en-route to St. Maarten.

Prior to the transition of the longest vessel ever to enter the Simpson Bay Lagoon, the wind conditions at the Simpson Bay Bridge must also be at a certain level in order to have an incident free transit.

All stakeholders will be kept informed as the date’s approach with respect to which day the actual operation will take place. The general public will be updated via the print, online and broadcast media.

The Management of the Harbour Group of Companies regrets any inconvenience that this extended bridge opening will cause and expresses its apologies.

Everything will be in place for a smooth transition of the vessel through the lagoon and provisions are also in place for emergency services.

The 126 meter long (413 feet) cargo transport vessel Marietje Andrea is 15 meters wide (49 feet) and has a gross tonnage of 5418. The longest vessel to ever enter the Simpson Bay Lagoon is the 96 meter (316 feet) mega yacht Limitless. The Andrea is almost 100 feet longer than the Limitless.

The Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority Corporation, is a subsidiary of SMHG, and has an advisory role with respect to Simpson Bay and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.