Representatives of Catholic Education Visits Sint Maarten House;

In Holland on teacher recruitment drive

The Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten is currently in Holland to recruit teachers for the upcoming school year 2013/2014.  

These teachers will form part of the schools with Dutch as the language of instruction. A total of 12 teachers are needed.

Some of the new teachers have already signed their contracts at the St. Maarten’s House in The Hague last week Friday.

The delegation of the School Board also visited several schools in Holland to get acquainted with the new innovations in education.

One very intriguing school was which carries the motto "Onderwijs Gewoon Doen!". The representatives experienced firsthand the quality of education and the benefits for all involved of a fully implemented and successful Foundation Based Education (FBE).

The representatives of the Catholic School Board are very happy that the concept of F.B.E. has been introduced in St. Maarten and that all parties involved are working towards the improvement of quality education for the students of St. Maarten.