CFT Rijksacademie training in Basic Accounting Controls

The staff of The Ministry of Finance and The General Audit Chamber was given intense 3 day training from 9am to 5pm by the "Rijksacademie Nederland", by Professor Jeroen Wingerde 

The name of the Course being given is: Basic Accounting Controls. The idea is to enable various Departments (Staff Buro, FBBB and F.A.) within the Ministry of Finance to gain knowledge within the scope of their respective daily tasks but also to learn from The General Audit Chamber their experiences as a Higher College of State and the Controls they apply when auditing the Annual Accounts of Country Sint Maarten for which the Ministry of Finance specifically the Department of F.A. is responsible for.

Another reason the General Audit Chamber was invited to attend was to continue to have transparency between all Government Agencies in St. Maarten. The course Basic Accounting Controls were given as part of the upgrading process of civil servants, our most valuable asset. Continued professional education is an important tool that is used to equip our civil servants to become more efficient and effective thereby providing a better service to the general public.