“MP Arrindell donates portrait to owners of Pasanggrahan Hotel”

Drs. Gracita R. Arrindell, Member of Parliament and President of the Peridot Foundation says after taking note of a recent article where the restored painting of Queen Wilhelmina by local artist Griffith was presented to the owners and management in the presence of Vice Chairman of the Kingdom Council of Advice Piet Hein Donner, it was a natural thing to do donating this beautiful portrait of Queen Juliana to be a feature at this historic site – Pasanggrahan Hotel – which has been recently restored. 

I saw the portrait frame next to a garbage bin! I recognized immediately the person in the portrait as HRH Queen Juliana and stopped the car to salvage the portrait.

After cleaning off the dust the portrait remained in my care until I decided if I should give it to the Dutch Government until I saw the article about the restoration of the portrait of Queen Wilhelmina and Pasanggrahan Hotel.

When I informed Oli Tinitali and Tini Tinitali that I wanted to donate the picture, I was very happy to note that she (Oli) was ecstatic to receive the portrait.

The portrait will receive its rightful place in the entrance of the hotel next to the other paintings and portraits, and photos of the Dutch Royal family.

Had I driven by earlier or after, there story would have been no story to share.

I have great respect and admiration for the present Queen HRH Queen Beatrix and wish her God’s speed ahead after passing the throne over to her son Prince Willem Alexander and Princes Maxima at the end of this month.

Photo: Left to right, Oli Tinitali accepting the portrait from MP Gracita Arrindell last week.