Cul de Sac Padres now one win away from Pony League Championship

The Cul de Sac Padres went to French St. Martin and defeated the St. James Yankees once again to captured game number 3 of the best of 7 playoff series.

The game begun with Cul de Sac taking the lead from the very first inning when Juan Salas batted for hit and went around to score the first run for the Padres of a bad throw of the catcher to third. Mota Sosa then connected a four bagger with two runners on base to give the Padres a 4- 0 lead. After that it seem like pitcher Edward Fria took control of the mound and striked out the next batters to end the inning. St. James did not score any run in their turn at bat. 

The next inning was the same for pitcher Edward Fria he striked out all three batters to cool down the Padres. In their turn at bat it was Miguel Paul of St. James that connected a four bagger to put St. James on the board with one run. The game continued and once again pitcher Fria dominated the Padres with three strike outs. St. James came up to bat and scored another run when Junito Clarck received a walk, stole second and was batted in with a triple connected by Pablo Adams. The Game was now 4 – 2 and remained like this until the last inning.
After this Cul de Sac scored one more run to bring the score to 5 – 2 for the Padres and their third victory of the playoff. Next game will
be next Sunday and will be played at a field on the Dutch Side.