King Inuguration Committee Releases Celebration Activities

The inauguration committee that has been set to organise activities to celebrate the inaugurtion of King Willem Alexander, held a press conference on April 9th to give detailed programs scheduled for the days leading up to the inauguration.



Organizing Committee Inauguration


Official Program commemorating the Inauguration of King Willem-Alexander







Month of April

Our wish for our Country, for the Kingdom (Droomwens)

The entire population is encouraged to express their vision for our Country and our Kingdom.  The purpose of this is to inspire the future King and guide his vision for the Kingdom. This expression can be done in various ways: via spoken word, video, letters, music, plays etc. The most creative, beautiful, hilarious, moving and ambitious contributions will be selected and placed in a book, which will be presented to the King, Queen and Princess Beatrix. All families in the Kingdom will receive a copy of the book. More information can be found on the website 

Deadline April 26th 2013.

Submit your wishes to the OCI at email: 


Persons can visit website: 



Monday, April 12th 2013


Awarding of “Orange Bows”

The OCI has received entries from different organizations in the community and the selections are currently under review. Once chosen, recipients of the awards will receive their “Orange Bow” in a short ceremony at the Governor’s Cabinet. The Awardees will have the honor of placing the “Orange Bow” on the websites or any marketing materials.

11.00 a.m.




Governor’s Cabinet



Friday, April 26, 2013





Official Opening of the

“King’s Games”

The King’s Games will be a fun and enjoyable day for all children in primary schools. During the King’s Games and a healthy but above all festive King’s Breakfast will served to the participants. The day will be held on Friday, 26 April 2013 across the Netherlands and within the Countries of the Kingdom. The King’s Games are being organized by a special committee/ Dept. of Sports.  The games and other sporting activities will include a Soccer Tournament, a Walk-a-thon &

Bike-A-Thon. PM Sarah Wescot Williams will participate in the walk a thon while Minister Silveria Jacobs will join in with the Bike a thon. 

Volunteers are encouraged to come out and assist with the children as they enjoy this day of sport and movement. Persons can register at email: 

9.00 a.m.






Jose Lake Sr. /            John Cooper Ball Park


There will be by speeches by PM Hon. S. Wescot-Williams &  Min. for Education, Youth, Sports &

Culture Hon. S. Jacobs






Friday, April 26, 2013

The Soccer Tournament will take place among the Primary Schools. The winning team will be given the opportunity of meeting King Willem Alexander while on tour in the Dutch Caribbean in

November of this year.

10.00 a.m.



Johan Cruyff Court Belvedere


Min. for Education, Youth, Sports & Culture Hon. S. Jacobs


His Excellency Governor

Eugene Holiday will congratulate the winners of the Soccer Tournament.




Friday, April 26, 2013

The Queen’s Birthday Celebration

Royal Decoration Ceremony 2013.

Yearly event to bestow several volunteers with a royal decoration to honor their valuable contribution to the community.

This year 9 persons will be honored.

By invitation only



6.30 p.m.






Fort Amsterdam










Tuesday, April 30, 2013

101 Canon Salute in the

Great Bay Harbor

Time will be announced later

Royal Netherlands Navy

Ship Friesland


Great Bay Harbor





A Song for King Willem-Alexander –                                                                                                    Choral Ensembles on the island will be asked to perform this song for the King on a special chosen moment. The idea is that the song is sung and broadcasted simultaneously in the whole Kingdom on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013.





Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A DCOMM TV Special which consists of Compilation of all the events up until  April 30th 2013:                 

 Official National Addresses


Awarding of “Orange Bows”

Kings Song Video

Highlights of Kings Games

Aired 12.00 pm


Repeat at 6:00pm

Broadcasted on SXM Cable TV Channel 120 and WTN TV Channel 10



























































Abovr is the program of activities scheduled to be held from April 12th to April 30th 2013.