Presentation program to investigate fishing on Bonaire

Fishermen on Bonarie have recently attended a presentation where a trainee from the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) gave an explanation about a program that the Government wants to start in order to map the fisheries on Bonaire. 

Oriana Wouters, an Aruban who is studying in The Netherlandswas brought to Bonaire by the Ministry of EZ to launch a program where professional fishermen note what they fish, the number of fish, the area where they fish and the method they use to fish. Several Islands in the Caribbean are already taking part in this program, namely Saba and St. Eustatius. The research of the student does not only include professional fishermen, but also recreational fishermen. Thus, by combining the information from the various types of fishing it becomes more clear what the future needs for fishing on Bonaire are. The benefits and risks of the program were explained. And the possibilities for the future were also discussed. Emphasis was placed on cooperation, which is important for the successful implementation of the program.

During the evening, the results of a study that was done last year by a Dutch student, Stijn Schep were also presented . Pieter van Baren, policy advisor agriculture and fisheries of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, introduced the presentations. After much discussion everyone agreed that a better policy plan is necessary. The next step is to inform more fishermen about the program, so that there is a clear understanding of what it entails and to make it clear what will be the future plans of the program with the government and the fishermen.