Minister Jacobs extends best wishes to FBE students with exams

Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Hon. Silveria Jacobs extends her best wishes and encouragement to the students who will be sitting the Foundation Based Education (FBE) Exit Exams.


During the next four days students will be tested in General Knowledge, Math, English and Dutch. Contrary to the previous years, students will not have to sit separate entrance exams for the various secondary schools as the FBE exit exam is a comprehensive one which reflects the FBE curriculum.

The scores achieved in the exam as well as the Educational report, which includes grades of the last two years will determine which type of secondary school the students will be qualified to attend.

The criteria and norms for the exit exam for entrance into the different types of high schools were set by a committee which consisted of representatives of the School boards and was facilitated by the Ministry.

The Minister commends the parents, teachers, school managers and staff for all their hard work in preparing the students for their exams.

Minister Jacobs also thanks the Division Exams and all others involved whose collaborative efforts and hard work contributed to the preparation of these exams.

Minister Hon. Silveria Jacobs encourages all students sitting the exams to stay focused, remain calm and to do their best, "Your teachers have prepared you to the best of their abilities and now it is time to put all your acquired knowledge to the test. Your hard work will definitely bring success for you. All the best on your exams!"