Kralendijk — The Bonaire Business & Employers Association (BBE) was recently founded in November. This independent employers ‘ organization represents the interests of all entrepreneurs on the island. It does so by acting as lobbyist towards the local and national Government. The new Association is recognized by them as the discussion partner from Bonaire businesses.



BBE has received wide acceptance and support through its target group, which are all businesses on Bonaire. Both individual companies and other industry associations on the island have already signed up as members of the association. BBE is official recognized by the Chamber of Commerce, the public entity of Bonaire and the representative and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. They also have contacts and exchange of information with associations on surrounding islands and also in the Netherlands. This cooperation is essential to contribute with the economic growth of Bonaire in these new developing times to some of which urgent attention is needed.

The priorities and agendas of BBE will be determined among the members through their own input and involvement. Some important issues that presently affect employers and entrepreneurs include: taxation and employers ‘ social charges; purchasing power and poverty; infrastructure; stimulation of the local economy (less import); reducing legal red tape; and training and knowledge, among others.

The founding Board members represents different sectors that make up the economy of Bonaire, including from the hotel and restaurant industry to retail, wholesale and the business services sector. The founding chairman of the Board of BBE is Albert ("Mocky") Arends. An introductory information evening will take place on April 25th to discuss the future actions of the association. Membership recruitment is already in progress and information can be received through their website on www.bonairebe.com or they can be emailed at info@bonairebe.com.

The present board consists of:

Albert Arends, Chairman

Silvio Balentien, Vice Chairman

Minthy mc Intosh, Secretary of the board

Miriam Geerlings, 2nd Secretary of the board

Karel Visser, Treasurer

Mark Kater, Board member

Arjan Biemolt, Board member

BBE can be reached through: info@bonairebe.com

Website: www.bonairebe.com