Girl stabbed in Middle Region.

On Saturday March 23rd around 21.20 hrs the police patrol from the uniform department and the Ambulance was dispatched to the district of Middle region in the area of Gumbs drive for a fight where someone was stabbed and was injured.

Upon arrival of the first patrol it was indeed confirmed that a fight had taken place and that a young lady was stabbed in her chest by another young lady whom in the mean time had already fled the scene of the crime.

Information was gathered from bystanders whom directed to police patrol to a home where the victim had collapsed. The patrol had indeed found the victim that was been cradled by an elderly person.

Upon checking the victim it was noticed that her vital signs was weakening.

In the mean time the ambulance personnel had arrived on the scene and after rendering the victim some medical assistance they noticed that the victim was no longer responding and did not have a pulse anymore. The Police doctor Miss Douglas pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

The scene of the crime was cordoned off in order for the Police Forensic department to gather their evidence.

Later that evening around midnight the suspect with initials D.A.B. from Sxm and 17yrs of age turned in herself to the police department.

About 15 min after a second suspect with the initials E.J.J from sxm and 17yrs of age was arrested in this same case.

The detective department is investigating this case further both suspect will remain in custody pending further investigation.

The Police department will like thank the community of sxm for their assistance in this case and also would like to extend its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

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