Department of Inspections meets with entertainment establishments about sound pollution

Acting Head of the Department of Inspections Martha Thewet said on Sunday that her department and other relevant government agencies met last Friday in the Dr. A. C. Wathey Hall at the Government Administration Building with representatives from entertainment establishments (Snacks, Restaurants, and Night Clubs) with respect to sound pollution.

The objective of the meeting according to Thewet was to inform the aforementioned about sound pollution and what is allowed and what is not allowed when having entertainment functions in the form of DJ’s and Karaoke.



Extensive controls on noise will be carried out in the various districts with respect to establishments that are causing a nuisance and noise in residential and commercial areas.

The Department of Inspections has started a campaign with respect to noise pollution. This campaign was launched two-years ago and is now being re-launched.

The department has received a number of complaints from the community about loud music in different districts where Bars and Snack bars are located, and the department will be controlling these establishments to make sure that they adhere to current ordinances that regulate sound in accordance with the licenses issued to these types of establishments.

Not all businesses are allowed music of more than 60 DB. This is also mentioned in the license and in various types of permits that allow music. The requirements and provisions go along with the type of business operation and this information will be outlined in informational pamphlets when the campaign kicks off.

A sound meter will be used to measure the level. As a practical indicator for maximum music level, it is not allowed to travel more than three meters away from the adjacent property or public space.

Those who do not comply, the existing laws and ordinances will be enforced for violators.

"As a community, we are all trying to create a balance society where citizens can live peacefully and businesses can operate and therefore all stakeholders are happy. Community harmony is the key," Thewet pointed out.

Meetings have already been held with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Police Department. Community Police Officers will also be assisting with the Sound pollution Campaign throughout the districts.

"I would like to thank the businesses that were present at the meeting last week Friday for taking the time to come out to learn more about the campaign to be embarked upon," Thewett said on Sunday.

The government agencies represented at the meeting was Supervisor Controllers, Section Heads of Economic Controllers, Acting Department Head of Economic Affairs J. Webster, Secretary General Miguel De Weever, and Community Police Officer Richards.

Anyone who has a complaint about noise pollution can contact the department by sending an email to ea**********@si************.org