Town hall presentations available on Government website

Residents and stakeholders can email views to Ministry VROMI

Town hall presentations about Greater Philipsburg, Suckergarden, Over the Pond; Cul de Sac, Little Bay; and Hillside Conservation areas, are available for download on the Government website

Interested residents and stakeholders can go to the website and select the drop down tab "Government," followed by "Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure (MinVROMI)."

On the aforementioned page you then go to "Zoning/Development Plans" and a page will open with an interactive map. Select one of the maps noted above and you will go to the presentation that was made at the town hall meeting which is in a PDF file.

All presentations have been uploaded to the website which would allow residents and stakeholders an opportunity to review the aforementioned at their own leisure.

Persons can also write MinVROMI via the following email address with respect to their views and ideas regarding the development of the island.

Government has embarked upon the process to develop plans, and the plans will guide the future spatial development of the country where it relates to government and private land.

The Zoning Ordinance (EROP) prescribes that development plans are established regulating the development possibilities and land usage on the Dutch side of the island.