TelEm Group sets up community volunteer team

TelEm Group Marketing Officer, Marelva Felix, reading to Kindergarten children in Teacher Abigale’s classroom at the Belvedere Community Center, Monday.

TelEm Group staff are taking their corporate citizenry one step higher – by establishing their own community volunteer group within the company.

TelEm Group has promised staff all the support they need to perform various tasks in the St. Maarten community – including financial support and limited time off company duties when necessary.


"As a company we have always supported our community with donations and sponsorship when financially possible, but now we have an opportunity to show how important the community is to us by being directly involved with community tasks," said TelEm Group Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Helma Etnel.

Community volunteer group coordinator, Ms. Cheryl Rismay said the community outreach project for TelEm Group has been in the making for the past year. She is very excited about Monday’s kick-off with one section of the St. Maarten Community in Belvedere.

"We have chosen to work along with the Belvedere Community Center to launch our program because the center’s staff are dynamic and very involved in their community already.

"We will be reading to young children and we will also be hosting some sports and fun activities during the weeks of March," said Cheryl.

She said other community projects will take place in other districts during the course of the year and will include painting, clean-up campaigns and other events with TelEm Group staff taking the lead.

"What is most important for us is that our staff become involved in the community that they serve. Many already do some great work in their respective communities either on their own or with other organizations, but now they also have a chance to do some important work with the full support their company behind them," continued Cheryl.