Prime Minister and DR. Ro Encourage and Empower Women at International Women’s Day Event in Maho


"Take the time out everyday to center yourselves and place yourselves as a women in our society"

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams and American Nutrition Health Guru Dr. Ro, accompanied by performances of poetry, dance and song, encouraged and celebrated women on St. Maarten and Over the world. The Prime Minister told a packed audience at the Maho Convention Center that the program is centered on movement and keeping fit

"It is about reminding ourselves that we have to keep in shape. We find so many different things that we believe has to come before ourselves. I would like all those persons who have come out to all of the campaigns; the walk-a thons, the Zumba campaigns and of course the event here this evening. The group is growing bigger and getting more exciting every week," stated the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister stated that what started out as a challenge later turned into a popular and important activity. "Good Health is Good Business. And so our good health is our good business. We were therefore so extremely to be able to get into that campaign and share in the activities with us and so we are so happy that she is going to be talking to you tonight in the same voice that she has been talking to women all over the world about nutrition, health and empowerment. All it takes is to make whatever movement you can. The longest journey starts with the first step and I will always encourage you on that journey.

The Prime Minister again explained the traditional names for St. Maarten; Soualiga, land of Salt and Oualichi, strong women. "A land of strong women, salt of the earth. We are so lucky to be living in a country of strong women. We are blessed to be living in this country where we can do so much to make a difference in the lives of so many people. We are the women of this wonderful country," concluded the PM.

Dr. Ro in her address gave the women who were in attendance the encouragement to stay and keep fit and gave nutrition and health tips on weight loss and self-empowerment. "I love St. Maarten and the women that live in it and I have rarely come into contact with such a deep and committed people." Commented Dr. Ro.