Classrooms cannot be used due to damage

On Monday March 4th at approximately 07.15 a.m. the police department was informed of a break-in and destruction of property at the Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus (MAC-school) located in Betty’s Estate. Immediately a police patrol was sent to the school to investigate the matter.


On the scene the patrol learnt from the school principal Mr. Hodge that over the week-end unknown persons, probably youngster, gained access to the school premises and caused a significant amount of damage to several classrooms. From the sixteen classrooms five had sustained damage and two were broken into. After being searched these classrooms along with three other were sprayed with a fire-extinguisher completely covering everything inside that classroom with powder. As a result of this act, these classrooms and material in the classroom cannot be used for at least two days because of the amount of powder which can be hazardous to the students.

A large live iguana was thrown through one of the windows that were forced into of one of the classrooms. The Detective Department and Forensic Department will be conducting an in depth investigation to find out who are responsible for this act. The Police Department totally against this type of behavior and will giving this investigation priority.