Justice Consultation Co

On the rs" of February the ministers of Justice of Curacao, Aruba and Sint

Maarten namely mr. N. Navarro, rnr. Drs. Arthur Dowers and mr. Roland Duncan

had a deliberation about the collaboration within the Kingdom regarding the

Coast Guard.

Among other subjects; the Ministers addressed introducing a structural

deliberations between the Ministers of Justice of the Kingdom and the Minister

of Defense, being the minister in charge of the Coast Guard as well as the one

charged with conducting research into the functioning of the organization.

For good cooperation In a Kingdom Organization such as the Coast Guard, the

ministers deem it essential to consult with each other regularly and focus on the

needs of the countries, which may vary by country.

A workgroup would have to be installed by the Ministers of Justice to Identify the

needs of the islands to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities

of the Coast Guard in their waters.

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