COM Meets with Police Management

The Council of Ministers was provided with a presentation recently on two boats that will be acquired to improve and increase the services of the police particularly patrolling in the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

This will increase among others the safety feeling of the owners of mega yachts. For effectiveness of the controls, the police will join forces with the Coast Guard and Immigration services (IND) and increase the cooperation with the French side that already carry out similar controls on the water.

Based on public bidding, the company Caribbean Nautical was selected. The boats will be customized based on the requirements of government. Similar to the companies experience with Aruba and Curacao, the company will also look into possibilities of contributing on a social level to the St. Maarten community.

The investment in the boats is structural; the vessels will be low maintenance and have a life expectancy of about 10 years under normal operational circumstances. A location for the lifts for the boats is currently being explored. DCOMM Photo