Governor Holiday visits Marie Genevieve De Weever School

On February 13 2013, His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday paid a working visit to the Marie Genevieve De Weever Primary School. The Governor received a warm welcome as all the students greeted him by singing ‘The School Song’. After addressing the students with some motivational words the Governor met with the School Principal Mrs. Bourne and the Adjunct School Manager Mrs. Moeslikan and discussed developments within the school.


Mrs. Bourne gave the Governor a tour around 12 of the 14 classes. His Excellency Eugene Holiday encouraged the youngster to always strive to be the best they can be through hard work as he visited the class rooms. The Governor was invited to assist the sixth grade in creating miniature structures of the Emilio Wilson Estate as part of the black history month program. In working with the students Governor Holiday questioned the students about Emilio Wilson and pointed out that it was important to study our history and to have a place like Emilio Wilson Estate to help to remember and understand our history. Governor Holiday applauds the work of the management and teachers of the Marie Genevieve De Weever Primary School and encourages our community to reach out and support our educators in their work in forming and preparing our youngsters.