Springer seeks to make Barbados strong again

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – Hendy Springer said Barbados will be looking to focus energy on upholding their rich heritage in the game during the Regional 4-Day and Super50 Tournaments.

Springer, the Barbados Cricket Association’s director of coaching, will direct strategy again for the most successful side in the regional game, as they try to move on from a disappointing performance in the Caribbean Twenty20 Tournament last month.

Barbados finished sixth in the group stage of the CT20, losing their last four matches, after making a confident start.

Springer, the former national off-spinner, said the challenge of playing for Barbados can be a burden for players at times and a uniquely demanding public will not make it any easier for them in light of the CT20 performance.



"There is always pressure playing for Barbados, even when you are doing well," he said. "I think ours will be greater because we are playing the majority of our matches at home and the crowds attending matches in Barbados mark you continuously.

"But I will ask the players to concentrate on the game – on their individual performance first and secondly team work."

He said: "I will dedicate the season to continuous preparation because it will be a long season and our performances will have to lead into something further down in the season.

"Watching on TV, there were a number of experiences from the CT20, which I hope the players have learnt. If they do not, we will be left behind. I think we have to use those experiences to move into the 4-Day and the RS50."

Springer said preparation for the 4-Day and RS50 had been going reasonably well, but there were a few setbacks.

"We were hoping that the players would have played more practice matches," he said.

"Initially, we had the problem that a number of the players that would be considered for the 4-Day and RS50 teams were also playing the CT20.

"We tried to focus on the 4-Day and RS50 while those players were away, but it was a challenge, and we are making the most of the time we have now."

Springer said: "This season, we will have to schedule our preparation to suit both forms of the game and the approach of the players will be very important. It was different when I played because most of the players were capable of playing both forms, now you can change up to three players.

"This season will be about continuous preparation because you will always be getting ready for something and the players will have to maximise their time in the nets or in the match. How we rotate our players will depend on performance, but we hope to start strongly, so that we can give a number of players an opportunity while winning and improving."

Springer said he was excited about the season because there were a number of players of whom he had great expectations.

"Apart from winning the tournaments, success this season would be to see the players take their opportunities and take their game from one level to another," he said.