Nagico Nitro lost their finally game of the season by default. They were not able to comeplete a team at starting time. Given SHUSH 3 sets to 0 win and the championship.


In the Male Division the defending champion Reptiles again prove that they are the team to beat and defeated Guess What 3 sets to 2 : 25-21,17-25,25-22,23-25,15-11. They won 3 games to 0 in the best of 5 games. Giving them the championship and the bragging rights once again for the third year.

The third place in the Female Division was determined on Monday night where Go For It defeated Super Six to take third place.

In the Male Division third place will be decided on Friday night. United is up 2 games to 1 against Go For It.

On behalf of the SIMVA Board and the Referees & Scorers Committe, I would like to wish you a very Blessed and Joyous Holiday Season.