Season’s Greetings From Lab Sports Academy

The Lab Sports Academy, a non-Profit Organization which caters to many groups ( Ages 4 – 80) Seven days a WEEK) We exist since 1996 and have a membership of over 250 persons: We give service to other organizations such as schools, Fire department, Police, the elderly, less able and especially the youth.


Our focus is on getting them off the streets away from drugs alcohol and violence related activity, through Sports.

The Lab Sports Academy give service through Sports: By means of Training programs, Educate the mass, and bringing awareness to Healthy life style.

The sports we focus on are:

1. Track & Field

2. Tennis,

3. Swimming

4. Triathlon.

We have a program seven days weekly from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The Lab Sports Academy would like to thank all its members for coming out and taking part in all its trainings, competitions and for doing their utmost in representing this organization and St. Maarten locally as well as Internationally. Without their participation this organization would not be what it is.

Big thank you also goes out to all the sponsors all who contributed in their own special ways. Without their continues support it would not be possible to achieve what we have accomplished this year.

Thanks to the All Mighty, We the Lab Sports Academy have achieved very much this year again. We are truly blessed. Our accomplishments for 2012 were:

1. Hosting Four major youth Tennis tournaments .

2. Assisting in Hosting of Three major Track & Field events.

3. Hosting of the Annual Harbor to Pier Swim meet.

4. Assisting of the Special Olympic Youth.

5. Lab Sports Academy also fielded Four teams (40 Athletes) for the Relay Race around the Island on St. Maartens Day.

In the coming year we will be looking forward to repeating all programs mentioned above, with the help of our professional trainers and coaches.

We would like to thank the general public for their support and wish them season greetings and a prosperous 2013.