Over the weekend of November 10th 2012, The LAB Sports Academy hosted the 5th Annual HARBOR TO PIER Swim Meet. This event was a great success, we had a great turnout of participants. These participants competed in three categories:

Over two distances:

1. Short Distance Swim (1.3 KM.)

2. Long distance Swim (2.5 KM.)


The LAB Sports ACADEMY in Collaboration with BEAR FOOT Restaurant hosted this event in conjunction with the celebrations for St. Maarten Day. The event got started on Saturday 6:30 AM with a sign up following all athletes getting on the Bus of Mr. Illis which took all swimmers to the Harbor where we jumped off the Pier.

The swim was supported by the Sheriff Security & the Coast Guard safeguarding the safety of all Swimmers.

A Big Thank you goes out to the Management of the Harbor Facilities for permitting us to make use of their Pier for the Start of this event.

Also a big thank you to the Sheriff Security and the Coast Guard.

We are looking forward to their continuous support.


Overall results.

· In the Short Distance we had Freya Knaggs as the WINNER with a time of 23 Min: 22 Seconds second was Elena Dannenberg with the time of 23 Minutes : 27 seconds By the Girls both from the Carib Swim Team.

· Winner in the Boys Category Short Distance waS Leshawn Brown with a time of 24 Minutes : 29 seconds from the Lab Sports Academy.

· In the Long Distance Swim we had as Winner Mr. Nicolas Le – Hecho from the French side.

Other Great performances in the Long distance Swim were put down by:

Justin Williams Time: 44:10.

Jules de Vries 46:50.

Felicia Euson 42:39

Other Bestes Times by other swimmers in the short distances were: Abby Foster 30:04.

Lyvana Ignasio with a time of 38:02

Gabriel de Vries 32:15 Lyvine Ignacio 39:12 Martin Holterman 27:35 in the short distance.

In closing much thanks goes out the Coast Guard, Sheriff Security, Nature Foundation for checking of the course and Last but not least the BEARFOOT RESTAURANT for sponsoring that wonderful break Fast.

Hope for their continuous support.