Professional Baseball Game Results of World baseball Classic

Team France batted first and failed to score. That was the gist of the entire game was dominated by National Team of Spain that had a roster full of Dom Republic, Cubans, Mexicans and Venezualans and very few players actually from Spain.


The Spanish team clearly had more dominant players. The French Team failed to score any runs the entire game. They had several chances to score runs but could never get enough hits in one innig to execute the task. Our St Maarten born players with French Rights had 40% of the total of 5 hits all game. Mar Ramirez and Rene Leveret had 1 base hit each to right field. Both players made spectacular defensive plays during the game. Rene stopped a few bad throws from his infielders and Marc stopped a hard hit ball down the right field line with his bare hand catch to minimize the single into a double or triple. The Spain team had dominant pitching and some quality hitters. Team Spain won the game 8 to 0 and France plays tonight against South Africa in the elimination game at 7 PM. Most likely St Martin Pitcher Miguel Hanson should be on the mound.