Bidding process for CT20 4 host venues ongoing

St John’s, Antigua — The bidding process for the rights to host Caribbean Twenty20 4 is ongoing.

The deadline for submission of bids from eligible venues is 4pm on August 21st. The WICB flagship regional tournament is slotted for January 7th to the 20th next on the WICB Draft Schedule of Cricket for the 2012-2013 season.


The WICB is seeking bids for two venues – one to host the bulk of the preliminary round and the other to host the semi-finals and finals along with some matches of the preliminary round.

The Bid Review Committee will focus on seven key criteria in reviewing the bids:

– Contributions of the host to the event

– Cost of hosting matches

– Potential revenue opportunities

– Strength of commitment

– Record of honoring commitments

– Quality of event management during WICB tournaments

– Venue readiness

Importantly the WICB requires that venues must have international standard lighting (to facilitate night matches) and at least one replay screen to be favourably considered for hosting Caribbean T20 4.

The newly formed WICB International Fixtures Committee (IFC) will review the bids and make the final selection of venues.

The IFC will comprise:

i) Chairman of the WICB Finance Committee (who is the appointed IFC chair)


iii) WICB Head of Cricket Development or designate

iv) WICB Event Manager or Commercial Manager

v) Chairman of the WICB Cricket Committee

vi) Member of the WICB Business Development Committee

As with previous editions of the tournament all matches in the Caribbean Twenty20 will be televised on ESPN Caribbean and by other select broadcasters around the world.

Caribbean Twenty20 consists of 12 teams in two groups with the top two teams in each group advancing to the semi-final.

Caribbean Twenty20 Fact File

Caribbean Twenty20 1 (2010)

Winner: Guyana

Hosts: Barbados and Trinidad (Final)

Caribbean Twenty20 2 (2011)

Winner: Trinidad & Tobago

Hosts: Antigua and Barbados (Final)

Caribbean Twenty20 3 (2012)

Winner: Trinidad & Tobago

Hosts: Antigua and Barbados (Final)