Thursday, 12th July 2012
French Quarter Killer Beez 46 vs Sucker garden Show stoppers 52 (B)
Killer Beez : Rosean Fredrick 12 Points Jerry Thomas 6 points
Show Stoppers : Kevin Lake 22 points Akeem Liburd 11 Points
Bad Boyz 40 vs Latinos 31 (V)
Bad Boyz: Duffis Herbert , Earl Duzong, Jerrol James each contributed 6 points
Latinos: Ruby Matio 18 points
FQ Killer Beez 56 vs DQ Thunders 41 (A)
Killer Beez: Calvin 16 points
Thunders: Claud Elexander 9 points

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Friday, 13th July 2012
Betty Estate Titans 44 Vs DQ Spartans 40 (B) (Spartans is Eliminated)
Titans: Alain Duzant 10 point Amir Labega 8 points
Spartans : Renny Pompier 20 Angel Luis 4 points
SYBA Starters 47 Vs Marigot Lions 49 (A)
Starters: Jason Davis 10 points
Lions: Diamsen Clersin 16 points
USM Pelicans 42 Vs St.Peters Spartans (A)
USM : D. Stapleton 8 points , A. Liburd 8 points
Spartans: Richie Robenson 10 points, Stibo Odonohue 7 points
Saturday, 14th July 2012
Fort Willem Cross Over Boyz 55 vs Grand Case Scorpions 44 (B)
Cross Over Boyz : Earl Merculleus 12 points , Jason Davis 12 points
Scorpions : Jonathan Philips 18 points, Daniel Philips 8 points (Philips brothers)
French Selectors 2 vs Marigot Warriors 0 (A) (Warriors could not produce 5 players)
Jeffrey Chandler 2 points
St.Peters No Limits 45 vs Middle Region Saints 48 (A)
No Limits: Shervin Javois 13 points, Eddison Hodge 9 points
Saints: Darnel York 11 points
Games Continue as follows
Monday, 16th July 2012
6:00pm KillerBeez Vs Scorpions (B)
7:30pm WIB Meastros Vs Cole Bay Razorbacks (V)
9:00pm Warriors Vs Thunders (A)
Thursday, 19th July 2012
6:00pm Show Stoppers Vs Cross Over Boyz (B)
7:30pm Bad Boyz Vs Meastros/Razorbacks (v)
9:00pm Sucker Garden Kings Vs French Quarter Killer Beez
Friday, 20th July 2012
6:00pm Betty Estate Titans Vs KillerBeez/Scorpions
7:30pm SYBA Starters Vs Spartans (T.O.P.)
9:00pm Marigot Lions Vs USM
Saturday, 21st July 2012
6:00pm Starters Vs Spartans
7:30pm Warriors Vs Thunders
9:00pm Kings Vs Killer Beez
Monday, 23rd July 2012
6:00pm B-Class Game
7:30pm Latinos Vs Meastros/Razorbacks
9:00pm Lions vs USM
Thursday, 26th July 2012
7:00pm Selectors Vs Saints

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