Results of Soft Ball Weekend Games

Steelers vs. Diamonds with the Diamonds at bat and runner on 1st base, Steelers won the game 16 -5

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Friday 1st 2012

Survivors 3 vs. Spinners 11

best batter: Helena Hughes of Spinners

win pitcher: Geraldine Thomas

Invaders 7 vs. Dem Boys 26

best batters: Orlando Gonzales 4-4 of dem boys

Doraldo Wiggley 4-4 of dem boys

win pitcher: Christian Richardson

Saturday 2nd 2012

Outlaws 11 vs. Controllers 1

best batter: Jose Espinosa 2-2of outlaws

Nelki Santana 2-2 of outlaws

win pitcher: William Nivar

Rebels 0 vs. Lions 27

best batter: Rudy Baly 3-3 of lions

win pitchers: Alphonse Brooks

Freebirds 5 vs. Los Deltas 18

best batters: Christian Santana of los deltas

win pitcher: David Peralta

Middle Region Stars 12 vs. Zodiacs 11

best batter: Alizar Romero 2-3 of zodiacs

Dennis Gibs 2-3 of zodiacs

Nelcicio York 3-3 of Stars

win pitcher: Nelson Urigue got the save

Gradz 10 vs. Pirates 9

best batter: Andrew Williams 3-3 of pirates

Ralph Boirard 3-3 of pirates

Pedro Volquez 3-4 of gradz

win pitcher: Steven Carty

Sunday 3rd 2012

Invaders 0 vs. Gradz 7

best batter: Nkomo Lake 2-3 of Gradz

Rijnaldo Euson 2-3 of gradz

Denroy Gumbs 2-3 of gradz

win pitcher Polanco Marino

Outlaws 11 vs. Caribbean’s Boys 9

best batters: Royer 2-2 of Caribbean’s boys

Jose Espinosa 2-2 of outlaws

win pitcher: William Nivar

Falcons 2 vs. Spinners 4

best batter: Cassandra Doran 2-2 of spinners

win pitcher: Esperancia York

Steelers 16 vs. Diamonds 5

best batter: Jermilla Carty 3-3

win pitcher: Renee Pond

Los Deltas 19 vs. Astros 32

bets batters: Ruben Daniel of Astros

Carlos Samer of Los Deltas

win pitcher: Juan Florentino