St. Maarten Scrabble and Chess Club Showdown Winners


 It was all smiles this past Saturday at the St. Maarten Scrabble and Chess Club (SSCC) mid-year Showdown.

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From top left: Lawrence Adams (10) takes home Second Prize in the Scrabble 10-17 match; defending Scrabble Champion Ian Arrindell (12) held onto First Place in the Scrabble 10-17 group; Trace Fisher (9)grabbed the top spot in the Scrabble 6-9 competition and Jean-Luc Jeffers-Glasgow (8) took home Second Prize for Scrabble 6-9.

From bottom left: Victoria Fong (9) tied for first place with Lawrence Adams (also centre) in the Chess 8-12 showdown.

Her brother and defending Chess Champion Ryan Fong (15) secured first place once again in the Chess 13-17 division; and Jamal Nishoba (13) placed second in Chess 13-17. Play to Learn Foundation would like to thank all those who attended – and especially Heather Caputo of Dominos Pizza for sponsoring a Dominator! It was a pleasant day for all. The next Showdown will be in December. Regular meetings will continue on Saturdays 12-3pm next to Giant Recording Studio in South Reward.