Results For PJIA’s Interscholastic Tennis Tournament

The Lab Sports Academy, hosted over the weekend of the 25th, 26th & 27th May the 3rd Annual Princess Juliana International Airport Youth Interscholastic Tennis Tournament.


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This event was a great success, due to the Sponsorship support of the Princess Juliana International Airport, who assisted the Lab sports Academy in hosting this prestigious event for the third time. The Tournament had a participation of 35 players. These athletes where divided in 5 different categories. In the first round all athletes competed in their respective age & level of group in a round robin format. That means all players play each other. In the Second round athletes played the semi & the finals.

The different levels of competition and the Winners:

Beginners A Girls: 1st Briana Dumound 2nd Ejannee Shillingford. Beginners A. Boys: 1st Ejomar Shillingford.

Beginner B Girls: 1st Shakira Webster 2nd Cristal Noel. Beginners Boys B. 1st James Brooks 2nd Kenrick Richardson.

Beginners C Boys: 1st Daniel Greyham 2nd David Greyham.

Under 13 Girls: 1st Adreanna Bisasor 2nd Juliana Richardson. Under 13. Boys . 1st Jonathan Zavier 2nd Shawn Greyham.

Under 15 Girls: 1st Davilla Williams 2nd Lekisha Anglade Under 15 Boys: 1st Pedro Rombley 2nd Mishack James.

Open Class Female: 1st Roselyn Coleman 2nd Joada Carty. Open Class Male: 1st David Noel 2nd Bradely Atyl.

Congratulation goes out to the Girls Group, where the attendance has picked up, we had a total participation of 11 girls which is an improvement comparing with the last Tournaments.

Most Improved Players:

Davilla Williams by the Females and Junior Atyl by the males.

We the board of the Lab sports Academy would like to thank to PJIA board for their generous support and we will be looking forward to their continued support.

Next event will be in two months’ Time: Last week in July.