In continuation of the 2012 St. Martin Pony League competition the Philipsburg Angels bombarded the Dutch Quarter Dodgers. From the very beginning of the game it was obvious that the Philipsburg Angels meant business with the fast running team of Dutch Quarter.

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The Angels started the game with the sound of their bats especially the bats of Victor Guillen and Erick Smeins was pounding the Dutch Quarter during the entire game, while the pitcher Jean Carlos Almonte dominated the bats of the Dutch Quarter boys. It had appeared for a while that Dutch Quarter had serious intentions of coming back when Jolie Gumbs, Ellian Carlos, Kelly Feliciano and Jesus Enrique started a rally of seven runs but it was cut short when the short stop of the Angels made a fantastic double play to end the game. The game remained 13/7 in favor of the Angels until approximately the last two innings when the Angels scored more rounds and made it 19/9 and closed of the game with a 1, 2, 3 inning. With this victory Philipsburg moved to second place under the St. James Yankees.

Friday’s game will be between the children of the I Can Foundation, I Can Braves and the Cul de Sac Padres. It is expected that the Braves will bring a big surprise for the Padres who is fighting to place themselves on the top of the chart together with the boys from the French Side St. James Yankees.