St.Martin Pony League to start season with all time rivals Dutch Quarter Dodgers VsCul de Sac Padres


Mom for the Philipsburg Angels is Ms. Sharon Langlais. Sharon Langlais is a parent of a player on the Philipsburg Angels Team and who is in charge of representing the Philipsburg Angels Team.


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After months of waiting for their playing facility 8at Belvedere, in a recent meeting that was held, the Board of the St. Martin Pony League decided to start the 2012 Youth Baseball Competition on March 9, 2012. The first game of the season will be between the Arch Rivals of the Dutch Quarter Dodgers and the Cul de Sac Padres, Winners of 2002 and 2003 Pony League Championship respectively. Also this year it is the intention of the St. Martin Pony League to have girls Softball and a 8 and under tournament. The Board of the St. Martin Pony League is hoping that with this first game between the two rivals of Youth Baseball on St. Maarten that Youth Baseball will be brought back to its original position and hope that the interest among the youths will be stimulated in order to assist in having a sport where the youth could have as a future career. It is the hope of the League also that adults attend at the games in order to support the Youth Baseball and Softball Players. For this season Pony Baseball will be appointing "Moms of the teams". The teams that will be participating in this year’s competition will be Cul de Sac Padres, Dutch Quarter Dodgers, Cole Bay Pirates, I Can Braves, St. James Yankees, French Quarter Tigers, St. George Cubs, Sandy Ground Mariners and Philipsburg Angels.