Pony Eastern Caribbean Baseball School now 7 years in existence

The Pony Eastern Caribbean Youth Baseball School that started as simple as can be has now grown into a school of much respect and pride.

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The school began with four people that met in a Pony Caribbean Zone Tournament at the baseball field of Caguas Sport Complex in Puerto Rico. Since that day the St. Martin Pony League started with what is now known as the Pony Eastern Caribbean Youth Baseball/Softball School. The first teacher of the school was Mr. Hendrick Sanchez “ Cubano” motivated and Supported by Mr. Pedro Gomez. Both of them are up to this date big friends of the St. Martin Pony League. The St. Martin counterparts were Freddy’s Pinto and Gabriel Brown whom up to this date are strong believers in the youth of St.Martin/ St. Maarten. The school has produced numerous good players with good baseball ability and good conduct. The school’s mean goal was to produce disciplined players with good baseball quality in such a way that they could go on and become professional players. So far the school has managed to produce many players with these qualities.


Among others are Felix Brown, Lenrick Pinto, Feliz Antonio, Jean Samer, James Arrindell, Luis Delarosa, Migel Hanson and Jamal Thomas. Most of these players either moved on into college, professional baseball or have been selected to play on the national team of their country. The school has now contracted Tuyo Jacobs as the new Head Coach in charge of practicing the children of the league. The practice session takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the Dutch Side of the island and every Tuesdays and Thursdays on the French Side of the island. Pony Eastern Caribbean School is a school that is open to all boys and girls from the age of five to nineteen. The intention of the school is also to serve as an after school activity for the children and to prepare them in such a way so that they could receive a baseball scholarship to attend a community college, college or university. From time to time the school will also organize try-outs with interested professional baseball organizations. The school is now seeking assistance of more coaches in order to continue the formation of our girls and boys in the sport of baseball and softball. Interested parents could register their children at the office of the St. Martin Pony League