St. Martin Pony League’s Antonio Feliz leaves for College in Chicago.


The St. Martin Pony League is proud to announce that its player Antonio Feliz received a baseball

scholarship and left Saturday to attend college in the USA


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We are extremely proud for Antonio because of the fact that he is a hard working ball player with good

conduct both on and off the field and a product of the Cul de Sac Padres. Antonio was with the Pony League

since its early beginning and he is one of the few players that traveled all over with the league.

Antonio is one of the St. Martin players that was recently selected for the 21U French national selection.

Antonio is also well loved by all the managers and coaches of the French national selections. He currently

plays shortstop for the St. Maarten Baseball champion team, Mets. It is because of his conduct that Antonio

is a well loved by all the board members of the league. Friday last Antonio visited the Pony League office and

was well accompanied by his teammates of the league. It was a moment to behold at the Pony League office .

We all wish Antonio the best of luck.