Skeldon Cricket Club pockets GY$480,000 from WICB

over $1.5million earned in Super Club Assistance Programme

Georgetown, Guyana – Skeldon Cricket Club in Guyana is enjoying a bumper cash bonanza from the West Indies Cricket Board Super Club Assistance Programme.


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The club is currently at the top of the money chart having pocketed GY$480,000 (US$2400) as a result of victories by the Jamaican team in addition to sixes hit and ‘bowled’ wickets by the Jamaican players.

Next on the list is McGill Cricket Club which has tallied GY$330,000. McGill’s partner team is Trinidad and Tobago.

In total the clubs have already accumulated GY$1,730,000 (US$8650) from the WICB. This number is likely to increase with the two semi finals and the final left to be played.

With host Guyana, Jamaica, Sagicor HPC and Trinidad and Tobago remaining in the tournament, Skeldon, McGill, Gandhi Youth Organization and Enterprise Cricket Club stand to add to their already substantial takings.

Complete listing of winnings to date

Skeldon Cricket Club (Jamaica) – GY$480,000

McGill Cricket Club (Trinidad and Tobago) – GY$330,000

Gandhi Youth Org. (Guyana) – GY$290,000

Zeeburg Cricket Club (CCC) – GY$290,000

Enterprise Cricket Club (HPC) – GY$200,000

South Essequibo Cricket Club (Leewards) – GY$90,000

Blairmont Community Centre (Windwards) – GY$40,000

Bayrock Sports Club (Barbados) – GY$10,000

For every victory registered by a team in the tournament, that team’s partner club receives GY$100,000 (US$500). For every six hit by a player on a team that team’s partner club receives GY$10,000 (US$50). And for every wicket taken via the ‘bowled’ route by a player the partner club of that player’s team claims GY$10,000 (US$50).