Results of ALL STARS Basketball Week End


Results of ALL STARS Basketball Week End of the Schools Basketball & the Schedule for this Week End All Stars Week-End.

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MPC team 2 and SXM Academy acdemic at Jump Ball at the start of the game, both team did not have any lost, and SX< Academy won that game, there SXM Aacdemy is presently waiting for the other 3 teams to fight it out in the losing round then they will take on that winner for the Championship

Friday, 14th October 2011

Seventh Day Adventist 14 – 5 Leonard Connor school

Ruby Labega Primary 12 – 9 Martin Luther King Jr

MPC team 1 58 – 52 LU (LU has been Eliminated)

Saturday, 8th October 2011

St.Joseph 19 – 21 Ruby Labega School

Genevieve 28 – 23 LU (LU is eleiminated)

SXM Aacdemy PSVE 58 – 61 USM (PSVE has been Eliminated)



FRIDAY, 21st October 2011 at L. B. Scott Sports Auditorium

5:00pm Seventh Day Adventist Vs Ruby Labega (primary)

6:00pm St.Maarten Vs St.Martin (16 years under selection team)

7:00pm St.Maarten Vs St.Maarten (19 under selection team)

8:00pm St.Maarten All Stars Vs Tortola (Seniors)


Saturday, 22nd October 2011 à Melford Hazel Sports Complex

1:00pm Leonard Connor school Vs Martin Luther King school (primary)

2:00pm St.Joseph school vs Genevieve Deweever School (primary)

3:00pm 3 Point Shoot Out

4:00pm Slam Dunk Competition

5:00pm St.Maarten Vs St.Martin (16 under selection team)

6:00pm St.Maarten Vs St.Martn (19 selection team)

7:00pm St.Maarten All Stars Vs Tortola (seniors)

FRIDAY, 21st & SATURDAY, 22nd