‘Regional Super50’ – WICB rebrands Limited Overs tournament

– several innovations to make games more exciting
St John’s, Antigua – Regional Super50 – that is what the West Indies Cricket Board today announced that its rebranded Limited Overs tournament will now be known as.

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In addition to the new name the Regional Super50 will trial several new ‘super features’ which are geared towards making the games more exciting for the fans and more engaging for players.
Principally among the innovations will be a new rule which will allow two bowlers on each side to bowl a maximum of 12 overs each during a 50 over game. The remaining bowlers can bowl a maximum of 10 overs each.
The overs will be reduced proportionately in the event of shortened games.
Previously bowlers were allowed to bowl a maximum of 10 overs each.
Another major innovation in regional cricket will be the use of two balls. A new ball will be used by the bowlers at each end of the pitch. No longer will all bowlers have to share the same ball throughout the innings.
A third innovation will be that the batting and bowling Power Plays will have to be taken between the 16th and 40th overs. Traditionally, since the introduction of the Power Plays the batting sides have taken the Batting Power Play after the 40th over.
The Regional Super50 which will be played in Guyana from October 18th to 29th will also see the removal of the mandatory close catcher rule and four fielders (as opposed to five as per current regulations) will be allowed outside the circle in the non-Power Play overs.
The champion’s trophy and several trophies for the best players in the tournament will be named after legendary West Indian players. The names of the legends will be announced at a later date.
Previously the WICB had trialled four day cricket being played under lights with pink balls.
Barbados and Leeward Islands are reigning joint winners of the 50 over tournament after a tied final in Jamaica last year.