Six St.Martiners On French National Baseball Selection

From the July 15 to July 23, 2011, the French Baseball Federation held a practice session for the U21 and Senior selection National Selection. 


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Six St. Martiners that was selected also participated in this practice session. 

The practice session was in preparation for the upcoming European and world championship games.    

The Board of the St. Martin Pony League was very instrumental in integrating six St. Martin players in the French National Selection. 

These players are from left to right David van Heyningen, Luis de la Rosa, Antonio Eleonora Feliz, Lenrick Pinto, Jean Antonio Samer and Felix Brown. 

In a letter that was sent to the St. Martin Pony League the coaches express great satisfaction with the St. Martin players in the way they play the game and the way they conduct themselves on and off the field. 


The St. Martin players without a doubt are now an integral part of the French National Selection. The St. Martin Pony League is very proud to have been able to accomplish this project.