Antonio to France for Baseball

St. Martin Pony League gets Antonio "The Bahamian Glory" Feliz into the 21U French National Selection


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The board of the St. Martin PONY League is extremely pleased to announce that we have managed to negotiate a position into the national selection of France for Antonio Feliz. We are extremely proud for Antonio because of the fact that he is a hard working ball player with good conduct both on and off the field and a product of the Cul de Sac Padres that was under the direction of coach Freddys Pinto in the early beginning of the PONY League. He currently plays shortstop for the St. Maarten Baseball champion team, Mets.

Antonio is being called the Bahamian Glory because of his daily television appearance in the Bahamas during the PONY Caribbean Zone Tournament in 2004. Together with Lenrick Pinto, he was the star player for the St. Martin selection. The selection was directed by coaches Freddys Pinto and Evans Marsham.

Antonio will be traveling this Friday and be showcasing for a position on the infield. So far the PONY League has managed to negotiate positions on the French selection for 7 St. Martin players. The board is extremely proud of this accomplishment, especially when considering that from the early 60’s France attended European/World Tournaments.