Scotiabank Kiddy cricketers to burst into action at Sabina

Kingston, Jamaica – As West Indies and India are locked in a tense battle in the First Digicel Test, Sabina Park will see a burst of effervescent action as over 160 Scotiabank Kiddy Cricketers from 14 primary schools across Jamaica take centre stage for the International Interval Displays.


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They will take to the field and share the international stage with their favourite West Indies and Indian players on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June, displaying their Batting, Fielding, Catching and Bowling skills which they have developed in the programme.

The featured schools from Jamaica include: Windward Road Primary, Holy Family Primary, Yallahs Primary, Grants Pen Primary, Mona Preparatory, Hydel Preparatory, Jesse Repoll Primary, McCauley Primary, Spring Gardens Primary, Excelsior Primary, Seaforth Primary, Rollington Town Primary, Tarrant Primary and Alpha Primary.


Commenting on this year’s Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme, Kiddy Cricket Coordinator – Jamaica, Mr. Phillip Service said: "It is a great privilege to be working on this foundation development programme across Jamaica at the primary school level. The primary schools on display are from the Kingston, St. Andrews, St. Catherine and St. Thomas, and while our main focus was on these parishes for the Interval Display, we expect in the coming months to get more school involved in the programme from all parishes."

"While the Interval Display is one of the crowd pleasing activities for the year, we will be hosting a Kiddy Cricket Festival and a Kiddy Cricket Summer camp later in the year, outside of our coaching sessions which will be executed throughout the school term," Service added. 

Vice President of Marketing for Scotiabank Jamaica, Mrs. Monique Todd said, "Scotiabank is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the WICB’s Kiddy Cricket Programme and also the Official Bank of West Indies Cricket. We are extremely pleased with the progress and growth of this 12 year programme in which we have a shared vision with the WICB for the development of primary level cricket."

"Scotiabank feels that it is our responsibility as good corporate citizens to give back to the children of Jamaica and the Caribbean, and there is no better way to do so than teaching them the fundamentals of the unifying game of cricketing, both on and off the field," Todd added.

"The fact that the programme also seeks to develop their academic proficiency though cricket base learning aids and resources is also a fun and very meaningful way to keep them engaged. We are proud to be a part of the programme and support Kiddy Cricket as we head into the future."

In April 2011, the Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Programme resumed in Jamaica and is scheduled to deliver programme resources such as cricketing kits and coaching from certified WICB coaches during the course of the year. A WICB Scotiabank Kiddy Cricket Festival and Camp are scheduled to be held in Jamaica later in the year.