Decisions following June 17th meeting of WICB Board of Directors

Kingston, Jamaica – Following are decisions taken by the Board of Directors of the West Indies Cricket Board at the meeting of the Board in Kingston, Jamaica on June 17th. 

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West Indies Players Association

1. The WICB will continue to treat WIPA, the representative body of the players, with the highest degree of respect and as a principal partner in West Indies cricket and will continue to engage WIPA on matters pertaining to West Indian players.

2. However, given Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine’s threatening action towards the WICB Chief Executive Officer and the unprofessional conduct of Mr. Ramnarine during a recent meeting on June 14 2011, the Board will no longer engage with Mr. Ramnarine on any issue unless there is a change in his behaviour and conduct.

3. It is the Board’s stated view that Mr. Ramnarine has not demonstrated any willingness to constructively dialogue with the WICB in the best interest of West Indies cricket.

4. The Board has directed management to communicate with WIPA to this effect.

Chris Gayle

WICB Management reported to the Board that the attempts to discuss and resolve issues with Mr. Chris Gayle (as it pertains to his behaviour over the past months) ended inconclusively. The WICB Management will continue efforts to resolve the issues with Mr. Gayle.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul

WICB Management met with Mr. Shivnarine Chanderpaul on Saturday June 18th in what was a fruitful and productive meeting regarding his future involvement in West Indies cricket.

Sulieman Benn

WICB Management will continue to engage Mr. Sulieman Benn in an attempt to resolve issues relating to his discipline and behaviour.

Draft Strategic Plan

The Board approved the Draft Strategic Plan (DSP) following a presentation by the WICB Management.

See attached document – Highlights of the WICB Draft Strategic Plan 2011 – for more details on the DSP.

Regional Super50

The Board approved the rebranding of the regional 50 over tournament to the "Regional Super50". The tournament will be played in Guyana and the schedule will be announced at a later date.

Caribbean Twenty20

The Board approved the Caribbean Twenty20 to be played in Trinidad (part preliminary round) and Barbados (part preliminary round, semi-final and final) from January 9th to 22nd

Milton Henry

Mr. Milton Henry, newly elected Vice President of the Jamaica Cricket Association, was appointed director of the WICB.

Beach Cricket

The Board approved the event concept for a new WICB initiative – Beach Cricket. Management will execute more work on this initiative and brief the Board at a subsequent meeting.