Statement from West Indies Captain Darren Sammy

I am concerned about certain falsehoods which are being disseminated in certain sections of Caribbean media. These falsehoods seem designed to continue to smear my character as an individual, a cricketer and West Indies captain.  

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Therefore I wish to make it abundantly clear to the public that at no time did I discourage, dissuade or in any other way seek to influence any player’s non-attendance to the recently held WIPA Awards function. Players made their own decisions not to attend.

I also wish to make it clear that I myself was unable due to personal reasons. I expressed regret at my inability to attend however at no time did I give any commitment to WIPA or any of its officers that I would be attending the function and any suggestion to the contrary is not based in fact.

During the function WIPA President and CEO Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine called me on the phone and said he was sending a car to the team hotel to pick me up however without waiting for a response from me he hung up the phone. I was unable to contact him to explain that I would not be able to attend as I had previously indicated to him.

It has never been in my nature to behave in the manner being suggested. Those who know me as a person can attest to this and despite criticisms, challenges and the like I have always remained true to the ideals of representing West Indies cricket when and wherever it is required of me.