WICB expresses confidence in medical personnel and injury management processes

St John’s, Antigua – Following widely reported public comments from Chris Gayle and Jerome Taylor pertaining to injuries sustained by them and their treatment and care, the WICB reviewed all systems and protocols pertaining to injury management of players. 

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Following the internal review the WICB is satisfied that its medical personnel acted with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in the treatment and care offered to Chris and Jerome.

Given the sensitive medical nature of injuries it is not the practice of the WICB to disclose details about player injuries and the management of same.

However the public comments by the two players have left the WICB with no option but to address the issue in greater detail than has been done in the past.

The widely reported comments by Gayle and Taylor have created the public impression that the WICB offered no care or support and did not monitor these players’ injuries.

Regrettably the facts are not consistent with the comments made by the players.

Attached are documents which outline the details of the correspondence and communications between the WICB medical personnel and the respective players.

The WICB reiterates that, as was the case with Gayle, Taylor and numerous other players, it offers top class medical management to all of its players.

As is their mandate, WICB appointed medical personnel have responded diligently to directly provide or to facilitate treatment to players’ injuries – whether within or outside of the West Indies and have consistently monitored the players throughout the process.

All players have had rehabilitation programmes personalized and sent to them by the WICB physiotherapist, and arrangements to see local medical specialists in their respective countries have been arranged.

All bills received by the WICB which pertain to the two players’ rehabilitation have been paid by the WICB.

In the two cases noted above the players unilaterally decided to resume playing before receiving final clearance from the WICB appointed therapists.

In the case of Taylor, he had not kept physiotherapy appointments for weeks prior to his deciding to resume playing.

The WICB wishes to make it clear that:

1. WICB appointed medical personnel remain in contact with players during the rehabilitation process.

2. Players who suffer injuries can only be considered for selection after having been given the necessary clearance by their attendant medical personnel.

The Board has also noted various comments made by Shivnarine Chanderpaul in a radio interview. As a centrally contracted player the Board will address this matter through contractual provisions at the appropriate time.

The WICB finds it most regrettable that players are being used to further long-standing disputes  but trusts that the public will give due credence to substantiated facts such as is attached and treat with untruths in an appropriate manner.