Caribbean Smashers Volleyball Team – Nederland

Caribbean Smashers club was formed in 2005 in The Netherlands. Caribbean Smashers consist of 4 teams; 2 male teams and 2 female teams, of which 80% of them are students. All players are from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba and reside in all parts of the Netherlands. All 4 teams play under the Nederlandse Volleybal Bond (NeVoBo). The NeVoBo is the recognized National and International Governing body of volleyball in all its forms, including Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Sitting Volley in the Netherlands. Volleyball is one of the well-known sports up here in the Netherlands therefore it is very popular and consists of various divisions and levels. 

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During the indoor season (September – April), Caribbean Smashers have weekly training sessions and an estimate of 20 to 24 games per team over the course of the season, which they take part in the region South West of the Netherlands.

The session 2010/2011 marked history for Caribbean Smashers club. They are proud of their recent and ongoing accomplishments. In 2010, they grew from 2 teams to 4 teams of which 3 of them have successfully managed to finish first in their division. Last Thursday, one of the male teams managed to become the overall champs in their division whilst, Saturday gone both female teams finished first also in their division. They did this hour apart from each other.

However, the team that caught everyone’s attention was the second female team of the Caribbean Smashers organization. They are officially champs from the 3rd division B class. These ladies go under the name of "Soca Girls". They have a few months training with each other and consist of ladies from Aruba, St. Maarten and St. Eustatius. "Soca Girls" won 20 consecutive games with a 15 points advantage. Even though, they have 2 more games to play, they were given their medals and certificates last Saturday because they are absolute winners of the South West region 3rd division class B.

We take this chance to congratulate the whole "Caribbean Smashers" organization in particular the ladies of ‘Soca Girls" with their accomplishment and best of luck in your new division. "Soca Girls" consist of; Axeline, Alexsandra, Carlishia, Claire-Lune, Geralda, Jessica, Nichelle, Sharifa, Sjahrisia, Suzy, Tashira, Tanjita and Yuri with as team coaches Alban y Leonardo.

Upcoming Saturday, the 9th of April "Soca Girls" will be playing on their home turf "Sportzaal Oost", which is situated at Celsiusstraat 4, 3112 VA, Schiedam. "Caribbean Smashers" invites one and all, especially our people from Aruba, St Maarten and St Eustatius to come and support "Soca Girls" during their last home game of the session. Come and celebrate with us "SOCA GIRLS"!