American summer camp

From the 14th – 23rd July 2011, The St.Maarten Youth Beat Foundation will have the Distinguished honor travel with 15 basketball players, 2 coaches and 3 leaders to the NBA 76ers Youth Summer Basketball Camp that will take place at the famous, The intentions is to have the 76ers bring a branch of their camp to St.Maarten in August 2012

The camp will run from the 16th – 21st July 2011.


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We will also travel with St.Maarten Youth Basketball Coaches Jamal Newton and Gordon St.Luce who will also benefit from the camp as well as they will be part of the camp as mentors and also receiving training in the area of coaching.

As a follow up to the successful "AND 1 Streetball Legends Show" in October 2010, and again on the 2nd April 2011, we have decided to continue to coordinate activities for the youths of St.Maarten that will serve as an alternative and a deterrent to getting the youths of our island involved in positive and meaningful activities. …The SYBF is a Non-Profit Foundation, The SYBF is an organization for youths between the ages of 10 to 21 years who seek high performance on the International scene and eventually having our youths trained to take them to the next level in any field that they so desire… Our Mission is to lead, train and develop young men and women to compete on a higher level in sports, education and in social activities…In addition SYBF is committed to developing the youths in becoming strong leaders by supporting and assisting them at the highest level athletically, culturally, academically and socially…The vision of SYBF is to provide an environment that will assist and develop our young people into becoming elite performers…..We however are fully aware that participating in this event will not be possible without the assistance and support of the general public and the cooperate sponsors in particular to ensure that our programs are sustainable and produce results that would be able to guarantee that the objectives of SYBF are achievable….From the 14th of March 2011 to the 13th July 2011 The Board members and Parents of the Players that will be attending the camp will be seeking assistance from the General Public and the Cooperate Community to help the Young Basketball Players attend the Camp,…We are therefore making an appeal to the community of St.Maarten to assist the St.Maarten Youth Beat Foundation athletes when you are approach by any member of the board or Parents…For more information or to assist please call 5530238 or email sx**************@ya***.com


Emanuel York- President S.Y.B.F.