Technical problems cause some delays at SVB

The SVB section Windward Islands has been encountering some technical problems the last few weeks with our computer systems. The SVB has been in the process of switching over to new equipment in order to provide better service to our clientele.  

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Unfortunately before this switch over could have gone into effect we encountered numerous unexpected problems which has caused us to be working in an emergency mode for the last few weeks. We have made all efforts that all front office functions (Registration windows, medical control, cashiers etc) were able to continue operating as normal as possible under the circumstances. This, on the other hand, resulted in the fact that some of our applications being used were not able to function such as our credit/debit administration. This has caused some delays in the processing of loss of wages reimbursements.

In recognizing this problem we have made extraordinary efforts to still deal with some of the request for loss of wages and have made payments available for companies who have made a claim for reimbursement and are in good standing.

In 2008 the SVB section Windward Islands has reimbursed no less than Nafl.3.7 million in loss of wages and in the current year we have reimbursed almost Nafl. 3.5 million. As a matter of fact this week alone checks totaling an amount of Nafl.144.000 were paid out to companies for loss of wages.

Under normal circumstances the SVB always strives to have switch-over’s in such a manner that the clients do not suffer any or much inconvenience. During the upcoming weekend the SVB will be installing a complete new state of the art server that will allow us to meet the new technological challenges for now and the future. We are also upgrading some applications. With these upgrades we expect to be back at 100% capacity, barring any unexpected problems, by next week Monday.

The SVB always strives to keep up with the newest technological advances and the changing demands of our community. In the early part of next year we are expected to introduce the new registration for 60-plus and a new and better system to track mutations submitted by companies. We are also working on a digital submission system for mutations which will make the process easier and faster for companies to submit and have their mutations processed. We will also be introducing the second phase of the Pension Registration System which will make it possible for the intake and initial processing of pension request to be done locally which will result in speeding up the process.