Nature Watch


Mrs.Jadira Veen hosts of the program Nature Watch, which airs live every Friday from 10 – 11 am. Tune in as she talks all about nature and the environment. She also has guests with very interesting jobs and topics, so don’t miss it.

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Mr. Camille Baly was the guest on Nature Watch on November 27th 2009 with the Host Jadira Veen.

On Friday Novemebr 13th 2009, ”Mouch” was Nature Watch’s guest, who enlightened us of how the ”Good Ole Days” of St.Maarten was and how St.Maarten’s Day was Celebrated back in the days.



Nature Watch’s guest for October 30th 2009, was Mr.Hendrik-Jan who is the Head Associate of Spatial Planning VROM, who spoke all about Zoning on St.Maarten



Host Mrs.Jadira Veen with guest Mr.Chung on October 2nd 2009, who spoke of Cake House Bakery & Supermarket banning & stopping the use of plastic bags in their Supermarket.













   Here we have Ms.Jadira Veen and her recent guest Mr.Rueben Thompson on Nature Watch.



  Here is Mr.Esdaille on Friday February 15th 2008, with Ms.Jadira Veen on her show, Nature Watch. 



Friday February 29th with Nature’s Watch Ms.Jadira Veen and her guest Ms.Beverly Nisbeth.





    Jadira Veen and the Science winners from Learning Unlimited School on May 9th 2008.





Friday May 30th 2008 on Nature Watch, the guest was the lady in the picture above. She works with animals. She spoke about the Ram Show and the Dog show.



Nature Watch June 6th 2008 with guests Mr.Dwight Buran & son Charles Buran talking about biodiesel.


           Mr.Mathius Vogas on Nature Watch with Mrs.Jadira Veen on June 20th 2008.

Jadira Veen with Caretaker of the Emilio Wilson Estate Mr.Patrick


Jadira Veen with Mrs.Monique Hofman who is the President of Animals R Friends, she is also a Lawyer here on St.Maarten.

Jadira Veen with her guest Mr.Leroy French on July 11th 2008. Mr.French is an expert on shark & dolphin behaviour. His photographs have appeared on National Geographic. For more info, you can visit 

Mr.Jan Beaujon is the Managing Director of the Windward Islands Bank and also the Chairman of the Nature Foundation Board. He’s been apart of Nature Foundation since 1998.

On Friday August 22nd 2008, Nature Watch’s guests were Mr.Patrick, caretaker of the Emilio Wilson Estate and Ms.Gracita Arrindell, speaking of the Mary’s Fancy Estate land that is up for sale.


Mr.Louie Constant Fleming was on Nature Watch on August 29th 2008.

Mr.Jerome Sardine was the guest on Nature Watch with Jadira Veen on September 5th 2008.

On September 12th 2008, Mr.Lee was a guest on Nature Watch.

Mr.Ruben Thompson & Mr.Leroy French joined Jadira on September 19th.




Nature Watch’s Host Mrs.Jadira Veen, was joined on Friday October 10th 2008, by Mr.Terry Peterson who is a teacher at the Sundial School. He brought along some students that he teaches to speak about the environment, such as putting a ban on plastic bags.





Jocelyn Richardson with Jadira Veen -spinach from Richardson agri-center in Cay Bay


 Statia’s Marine Park Manager Mr.Tatud Bervois March 20th 2009


Elaine started a business called ”Good to go” that offers Bio-degradable food containers made of Natural Fibers (April 3rd 2009)

 Pamela Sims & Heather Caputo of the Animal Welfare on April 17th 2009


Mrs.Giselle Dirks was a guest on June 5th 2009. She is the Coperate Communication Officer

 for Gebe. She explained what all Gebe is doing to help with the environment, especially saving on paper.