Prime Minister Jacobs Returns After Productive Talks at CSW 68th Session in New YorkPhilipsburg, Friday March 15, 2024

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and her delegation engaged in a series of vital discussions aimed at addressing pressing issues related to women’s rights ensuring gender equality and strengthening partnerships for the betterment of St. Maarten.
Prime Minister Jacobs, along with Head of Community Development, Family and Humanitarian Affairs
Mrs. Chantal Groeneveldt-George, under whom Women’s Desk falls, and Tatia Brunings, policy advisor
in the Staff Bureau of Ministry VSA met with the Guyana Vulnerable Population Alliance to discuss the
critical matter of sex workers’ rights and safety. Recognizing the importance of open dialogue on such
sensitive topics, Prime Minister Jacobs emphasized the need for comprehensive measures
encompassing safety, counseling, and broader support systems to address this often-overlooked issue.
Additionally, Prime Minister Jacobs participated in a discussion on equal participation and leadership for
a more peaceful world. As a female Prime Minister, she also highlighted her role in Parliament and
reiterated her dedication to empowering women and young girls through legislative initiatives and
opportunities for advancement. With an increasing number of females holding key positions of
leadership in our community both in the public as well as the private sectors , St. Maarten is making
strides towards greater gender inclusivity and representation.
Furthermore, Prime Minister Jacobs met with the Chief of UN Disaster Risk Reduction Partnership
branch to showcase St. Maarten’s Emergency Operating Center and its role in disaster risk reduction
efforts. The UN team commended the existing infrastructure and expressed a desire to strengthen
collaboration and support for St. Maarten’s resilience-building initiatives. Prime Minister Jacobs
underscored the importance of partnerships in our continued efforts to enhance our disaster
preparedness and response capabilities.
Concluding her visit to the 68th CSW session, Prime Minister Jacobs emphasized the need for continued
policy development and collaboration with interested entities. She highlighted St. Maarten’s
achievements and areas requiring assistance, particularly in the face of challenges such as climate
change and environmental degradation. Discussions with regional counterparts focused on the impact
of larger nations’ industrial activities on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and the challenges they
face in accessing international funding for recovery and sustainability efforts.
In summary, Prime Minister Jacobs’ work visit was marked by productive engagements, networking and
information gathering for the critical policy areas for the Ministry of VSA for continued progress to
address challenges faced by our families, especially women and girls. Moving forward, the government
will continue to pursue partnerships, advocate for marginalized communities, especially some of our
most vulnerable single female-led homes, and address pressing challenges to ensure a brighter future
for all citizens.