Police increases traffic controls, continue to monitor school areas

Police continue to increase their presence in the community with controls and surveillance at different locations. This has resulted in several drivers, pedestrians, and students spoken to by police about their unbecoming behavior in public. Fines were issued to several drivers.
Police are also monitoring the areas around schools to deter school-related fights and other illegal activities. Several students in school zones after classes have long ended were asked by police to vacate the area in accordance with the ministerial decree against loitering.
In traffic controls, 58 cars and three motorcycles were stopped and checked by police. Of those, 19 drivers were cited for heavily tinted (blacked out) windows on their vehicles.
These controls were in Belvedere near the border point, the junction of Arch Road and A.
Th. Illidge Road.
Drivers are reminded by police to have all relevant documents in their vehicle, to always have their driver’s license in their possession when operating a vehicle, and to adhere to all traffic rules.
Officers will continue to execute targeted controls for the safety of residents, visitors, and businesses in view of the resurgence of economic activity in the country, especially in high traffic areas such as Philipsburg.
Controls will focus on:
 Issuing fines to drivers for vehicles not meeting the technical driving requirements
 Monitoring of school areas
KPSM intends to execute frequently controls for the safety of the community.