17 th Annual National Day of Prayer 2022 takes place on January 9 th

PHILIPSBURG – This year’s National Day of Prayer will take place on January 9 th with the
theme “Almighty God Let Your Culture of Divine Unity Rule”. The Government of Sint
Maarten in collaboration with the St. Maarten Christian Council, St. Maarten United
Ministerial Foundation and the Seventh Day Adventist Church hosts the National Day of
Prayer every year on the second Sunday in January.
Every year, the entire community on Sint Maarten are invited to pray and worship at the
National Day of Prayer at the Government Administration Building. The National Day of
Prayer was decreed in 2005 by the Executive Council of the Island Territory of Sint
Maarten and serves as an ecumenical service for persons of all faiths and religions to
pray for a prosperous and healthy new year for the nation. For persons who chose to or are unable to attend, the Government of Sint Maarten is encouraging you to view and tune in to the live coverage of the National Day of Prayer
which begins at 4:30 pm via the following media outlets SXMGOV Radio 107.9 FM, Facebook/SXMGOV and TelTV Channel 15.